Joyous Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern

This Joyous Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern is designed to be elegant and wearable. It was created for the wedding of a very special friend. The lace knitting pattern is light enough for gentle coverage of the shoulders and arms during your walk in the parks or lunch at the beach. Though it may take time, the shawl is a beautiful and rewarding knit. This timeless knit shawl pattern is a classic that is sure to be handed down from generation to generation. The pattern has both written instructions and charts. Detailed descriptions of the more unusual stitches are also included. This is a paid pattern, but we have other shawl free patterns available in case you are looking for free pattern. The link for the paid pattern is provided below photo. Happy knitting.

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Joyous Lace Shawl