Stormy Sky Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern

There’s nothing better than soft, light, high quality shawl on a chilly summer evening. This Stormy Sky is a lightweight, asymmetrical shawl, it’s dynamic and modern. They warm you just enough when you’re in the shade. You can take them off and stash them quickly if it should get too warm. The Stormy Sky Lace Shawl Free Knitting Pattern features beautiful pattern that create lacy stripes. The mustard colour is amazing. It makes a great and fast project for that one very special skein of yarn. Tassels can be added to make corners look more polished. This pattern can be used as a base for experiments, as neither yarn weight nor gauge is critical. The number of section repeats can be adjusted as well, depending on the desired size of the finished shawl. Make one for yourself or create it for a loved one! Thanks Ksenia for sharing this free knitting pattern on The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Start knitting!

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