Spiral Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern

These customizable scrubbies are fun and easy to knit, as they are great for beginners who are beginning to grasp the concepts of knits and purls. Another reason they are so simple and easy to make is because they don’t require that much yarn, so it’s a perfect project for when you want to use up your leftover yarn. Not only can you bundle these scrubbies with dishcloth sets, spa sets, or gift baskets, but they also act as handmade reusable cotton pads for make up remover or micellar water. This Spiral Scrubby Free Knitting Pattern is cost-efficient and eco-friendly. These scrubbies will ensure a thorough clean and add an elegance to your bathroom, they are so fun and easy to knit! Thank Clickety Sticks for sharing this free pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below photo. Happy knitting!

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Spiral Scrubby