Unicorn Stool Cover Free Knitting Pattern

Unicorns are the most praised legendary creature and have a great history. You can turn an ordinary four-legged stool into a fantastical animal for children to ride with this Unicorn Stool Cover Free Knitting Pattern. The full step-by-step instructions will help you succeed. It’s guaranteed to add lots of fun to any nursery. Little ones will enjoy magical adventures with this whimsical unicorn. You can alter the head by making it as a unicorn within curly mane and tail and a horn. The Unicorn head can also be a hobby horse by pushing a broom handle into the opening and securing it. The head could also be mounted on a wall. Thanks Linda Moorhouse for sharing this wonderful free knitting pattern. The link for the pattern is provided below photo. Happy knitting.

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Unicorn Stool Cover