3 Minions Free Knitting Pattern

Everyone should have their own horde of adorable Minions. These Minions can be worn in a shirt pocket, or as a pin on clothing or backpacks. A child can keep one in her/his pocket for fun and comfort, keeping them company! Furthermore, you can also sew a Minion’s shoes to a button and they can prop themselves up and stand! They can be an amazing companion while you’re studying or working. In addition, these Minions can be arranged into hilarious scenes, improving morale and entertainment! They can also be used for key chains, refrigerator magnets, cake decorations, favors, and gift embellishments. They are great for baby showers or as a nursery preparation decoration to add a sense of flair and individuality to this cuddly toy plushie! Thanks below designers for sharing this beautiful free knitting pattern. The link for the free pattern is provided below the photo. Happy knitting and enjoy!

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